Smith Reynolds Airport Driver and Access Training

The FAA mandates that anyone who operates a vehicle in areas that allow access to active taxiways and runways without the presence of a physical barrier must be trained in accordance with FAR Part 139.329.

Non-Movement Area: Area of an airport where Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is NOT required for ground vehicle operation. Example: Apron/ramp, ground vehicle parking, aircraft gates.

Movement Area: All paved surfaces where ATC permission is required before entering. Example: runways, taxiways.

If you are:

  • Individual Tenant
  • Commercial Tenant
  • T-Hangar  Tenant
  • Tie-Down Tenant
  • Civil Air Patrol

Click here for Non-Movement Area Training


If you are:

  • Forsyth County Fire Department
  • Signature Flight Support Line Service
  • Federal Aviation Administration

Click here for Movement Area Training


Please contact Airport Administration at (336) 767-6361 if you have questions regarding this policy.